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Online guitar lessons India

Over the years we have helped hundreds of students learn guitar around the world by teaching one to one via skype and other video calling platforms. Our Online guitar lessons are structured as we follow a curriculum and also we try to customize it based on a student's needs, strengths and weaknesses to ensure their steady progress.

We make sure that a student's playing is thoroughly scrutinized at the beginning of a new session to track the progress of the last lesson and then we move on to a new lesson. This process helps students to rectify their mistakes and learn efficiently to develop a correct technique which ensures a strong foundation.

We are proud of the fact we helped innumerable students who attended many in person lessons and failed to learn and before quitting decided to give it a final try via online skype guitar lessons in India from Tamsguitar. Their reviews have helped many people to come forward and try online guitar lessons via skype in spite of having doubts and fears whether it is possible to learn guitar online via skype.

For the past few years the response amazed us because we mostly had students from abroad like U.S. Canada Australia, Ireland, Norway etc and some students from metro cities in India and we never expected people from suburbs in India to adopt the idea of online classes. Due to availability of internet and lack of availability of good teachers in their locality, more and more people started joining online guitar lessons via skype.

Who can join skype lessons ?

With the help of SKYPE, video calling is done and its free anywhere in the world.The basic requirements are a good broadband connection and a webcam.

If you don't have time to travel or if you are located far from my place or in another country then this is the best option. If you are one of our 59k Youtube subscribers and like our lessons and want to learn directly from us then you are most welcome too.

Fees per session


30 mins - 16 U.S.D.

45 mins - 23 U.S.D.

Intermediate to advanced

30 mins - 19 U.S.D.

45 mins - 27 U.S.D.

If you are in India then for fees in INR please get in touch with us.

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