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Learn to play the Ukulele in Kolkata and Pune or online

Ukulele is a beautiful 4 string instrument very easy to learn unlike guitar. It's sweet sound attracts many people and it's extremely portable thus one can easily carry it anywhere and practice. Being very small in size even very small kids can hold it comfortably. It has nylon strings which are very soft and finger friendly.

Ukulele is such an instrument that anyone can try their hands on even if they are super busy. With comparatively less effort one can make this instrument sing. Strumming along an Ukulele is really fun. One can use it as an instrument to sing along, accompany other singers or simply have immense fun all by oneself. Learning a song on the Uke is always fun. And more fun awaits if you stick along.

We offer ukulele classes in Kolkata and have successfully taught many students from all walks of life. We provide indiviadual care to ensure that a student learns efficiently.

I hope the above information helps and motivates you to pick up this beautiful instrument. A warm welcome from the Tamsguitar family.

Good Luck!

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